Meet Margaret Beam, Certified Mindset Coach and Energy Practitioner Everything you need for health and abundant life can be found within you. Life is inside of you, it’s just a matter of removing the blocks and barriers that are holding it in. Learn More Tune into the life inside of you!
Our members experience unlimited listens to biofield tuning sessions by certified energy and mindset therapist Margaret Beam. Balancing your biofield is important to aligning your body for healing. Learn More Tuning sessions for healing.
For some of us, we’ve never been told we’re powerful, that we have what we need inside of us. So we’ve lived under the belief system that we’re bad, broken, weak, helpless, etc. Let’s remove those labels and limiting beliefs so we can soar! Learn More Mindset is everything. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or even depressed there is hope! Healing from these and other health issues involves releasing trapped emotional energy from our bodies. As we restore our energy flow we naturally heal. Learn More Release and heal.
Margaret's Healing Services
Our Bodies Want To Heal
Absent trauma (physical or emotional), our bodies will default to healing which is an incredible thought! Every service that Margaret offers is geared towards removing the blocks caused by trauma that prevent healing. Whether it’s an energetic block, an emotional block, or mindset block, Margaret has developed tools to remove them so our bodies can do what they want to do which is HEAL!


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  • Margaret is a powerhouse of information and insight. More than any other practitioner I’ve worked with, she can see the big picture, scan her vast mental database for tools and recommend a solution that is tailored for me and my unique situation. She has been trained in and undergone self-study in a tremendous number of modalities and frameworks and knows more about energetic and healing tools than anyone I’ve ever met. Despite this overwhelming reservoir of knowledge, she knows how to curate and make recommendations to each individual with empathy and understanding. She is very educated and very intuitive, a dynamic combination. I highly recommend Margaret for anyone seeking healing and wholeness on a mental, emotional, or physical level.
    Amy K.
  • Margaret has a profound understanding of how the mind, body, and energy of our bodies work. She applies that knowledge in practical, life-changing ways in her sessions. After a tuning fork session with Margaret, I’ve seen major shifts and breakthroughs in my life. Her work has helped me recognize and release who I am so I can move forward with confidence.

    Katharine W.
  • I am truly grateful for Margaret Beam, her connection and her talent.

  • Margaret Beam’s kindness and caring turning my life around.


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    This is one of my favorite places day or night. At night I stargaze and I’m reminded of the beauty and oneness of humanity…

    I look up at the sky and it makes me feel so connected to everyone and everything.

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