Releasing Stuck Energy To Heal

What is emotional healing?

We are physical, chemical, and energy beings. The energy systems in our bodies are designed to flow – to be in motion, but that flow can become stagnant or blocked. When that happens it disrupts the chemical and physical nature of our bodies. Margaret Beam believes our bodies are intelligent and not only know how to heal and function optimally but will actually default towards healing provided our energy is flowing.  In other words, if we can get the energy moving again, our bodies heal.

Both physical and emotional trauma causes the energy in our bodies to become “stuck” or blocked. Energy work is all about removing those blocks to get your body’s energy flowing again. Margaret Beam conducts both virtual as well as in-person sessions. She also teaches different techniques that you can do at home to help dislodge and release this stuck energy.

Margaret often combines energy work with mindset coaching as they go hand in hand. Blocked or stuck energy in our bodies will cause us to create a non-serving mindset – a story or narrative – to explain it. That non-serving mindset always reinforces the energy block. If you can remove the energy block you will end up creating a new mindset.  Conversely, if you can create a new mindset, the trapped energy that fueled that mindset begins to dissipate. 

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