Beauty, Connection, & Oneness

This is one of my favorite places day or night. At night I stargaze and I’m reminded of the beauty and oneness of humanity…

I look up at the sky and it makes me feel so connected to everyone and everything. Millions (maybe billions) of people at this very moment have access to the same sky I’m looking at. I realize that generations before me have seen this same sky and generations that follow will see it too. The sky has been a constant in the history of humanity. 

I did not always feel so connected… Despite being physically around people, growing up I felt isolated and alone. I felt separate. There is a lot of hurt and pain behind those feelings. I can’t pinpoint one event that occurred in my life to cause that feeling… It was simply something I lived with. Something I couldn’t see. It was a deep-seated, mysterious, hidden-from-my-conscious-mind pain of feeling isolated and alone. 

One way I “solved” that problem was by being busy… That served me well until I got sick. When my body stopped working from years of undiagnosed chronic Lyme. The busy-ness turned into hours in bed and there were no more distractions to hide the pain. The mental and emotional torment was often worse than the physical pain of illness. 

It was in that place of forced isolation and introspection that I knew health and wellness were on the other side of processing that pain. So, I did…

Lessons I learned while being isolated and sick…

1. The hardest step is the first one – it is the step of being still. Pay attention to what’s going on inside of you.

2. Be intentional about finding things to appreciate and be grateful. Yes, some people are born with a positive attitude, and for the rest of us, it’s a skill WE CAN LEARN by being intentional and through practice. 

3. The work to change your mindset – despite the pain it can cause – needs to be done daily. Exactly like diet and exercise. Simple and consistent is the key. It’s easy and only takes a bit of time (5-10 minutes per day). It simply must to be done. 

4. You will find TOXIC and SELF SABOTAGING thoughts in your mind… You just will. We all have those negative thoughts. I can promise you, you are not the one person on the planet who is the exception.

5. The thoughts are not true! They FEEL true so we think they are, but they are not.

6. If they are not true then we can face them and decide for ourselves what empowers us.

7. Combining Energy Work with the daily mindset work FAST-TRACKS THE PROCESS… Often substantially!

8. There IS ALWAYS something incredible on the other side. It’s never not there. Again I can promise you, you are not the one person on the planet who is the exception!

9. The incredible thing you find on the other side IS YOU!!

So, back to my stargazing… Today, instead of feeling isolated, I look up and I feel profoundly connected. 

When I started this process my only desire was to get well. It was purely self-serving. I had no idea this is where it would take me… Being able to see the beauty of humanity and the oneness that we all share. Now I wish this feeling for everyone! It’s priceless. 

It’s why I now do what I do!

I love sharing the mindset tools and energy healing resources that took me years to uncover and hone to help others on their journey of healing and self-discovery.

I’m not “finished”, nor can I say that I have “arrived”… I’ve started a journey that I know I will continue on for the rest of my life.

I would love for you to join me on this journey!

If you would like to check out one of my mindset and energy healing recordings, a biofield tune up that I call a BioEnergetic Tune Up, I am sharing “Joy”. Who couldn’t use a little more joy in their life?


❤️, Margaret

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