Eliminate what's holding you back

Cutting off the sandbags

To fly a hot air balloon, you need to both fill the balloon with hot air and cut off the sandbags. You can’t just do one or the other. Margaret Beam’s approach to healing is holistic in that it addresses both aspects of what’s needed for you to launch.

Filling your balloon with hot air is all about growing your belief system and pushing the boundaries on your current mindset – ideally removing the boundaries altogether! For some of us, we’ve never been told we’re powerful, that we have what we need inside of us. So we’ve lived under the belief system that we’re bad, broken, weak, helpless, etc.  Let’s remove those labels so we can soar!

Cutting off the sandbags is about eliminating those things that are holding you back.

Are you stuck in a physical or emotional trauma from your past? Do you have a limiting belief that’s driving your thoughts, your actions, your emotions?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or even depressed these are all based on fear. Margaret has made it her personal mission to find ways to remove these blocks caused by fear so we can cut the cords to our past or remove the barriers to our future so we can launch!

To achieve “lift-off”, she uses a combination of mindset coaching and energy work tailored to each individual.

Biofield tuning is a type of energy healing. Biofields are fields of energy and information that surround all living organisms. We have discovered that the information this field carries is a record of our life.

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